Country Girl // City Girl

I am such a city girl. The all-hours, anything at anytime, crowds within crowds kind of lifestyle is what makes my blood race. But, I also love to escape the concrete. On the weekends you can find me at the beach, or driving deep into the foothills to breathe some fresh air and ride some ponies (yes, really).

This outfit speaks to the country girl and the city girl within me.

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Get the Look:

The comfiest denim romper that you will ever slip your body into is made by Kerol D Apparel.

Turquoise and silver winged choker and bracelet are made by The 2 Bandits, my new favorite jewelry designer.

Oversize hat, knit duster and shoes by Forever 21.

Palm Trees in the Desert

Heat wave + drought = drawing major style inspiration from the desert. Lately I’ve been all about loose-fitting dresses to keep cool, big hats to block the sun and earthy, turquoise jewelry.






Jewelry by The 2 Bandits. I was recently introduced to their line and I’m pretty much obsessed. Arm cuffs! Neck cuffs! Western-inspired everything! Le sigh. I wish I could have their whole collection at my disposal.

Palm Tree Sundress by Hurley. I’m loving the low-back.

Hand knit bralette by Pima Doll. A wardrobe staple.

Hat by Kerol D. Check out those conchos and the hole details! I feel like a hipster cowgirl when I wear it.

Wedges and bag by Forever 21.

Eden Roc of Miami Beach

         Ahh, summer. A season of travel, adventure, late nights, and exploring new places. I thought about it long and hard where I would want to vacation this year. I knew it had to be somewhere by the beach (hello, I’m part mermaid), somewhere warm, and somewhere I could completely unwind. It didn’t take much thought actually-“MIAMI” kept ringing in my head. A place I have visited a few times in the past but never felt like I was able to completely absorb it. What really took up a lot of time was finding WHERE to stay. I scanned page after page of boutique hotels and resorts when I finally came across a little piece of paradise…Eden Roc.

Upon arriving on a Wednesday afternoon I was greeted with hospitality and a genuine kindness that never fell short during my week long stay. The resort was beautiful and I could tell right away that I made the right choice when booking. Some of the best things you can find at Eden Roc are the four (yes, FOUR) swimming pools, a Starbucks INSIDE, and pool staff that will spritz you down in the heat, clean your sunglasses, fetch you water, and make you feel like Eden Roc is your home. And if home is where the heart is, then I definitely left a piece of mine back in Miami. It was a much needed getaway for my mom and I so we decided to just relax and plan our days based solely on our emotions. We spent time laying under umbrellas by the water, dancing to the music in the hospitality suite, and sharing pure bliss as we let the waves carry us around in the ocean.


The view from our balcony. We stayed on the 19th floor with an ocean view and getting to wake up to that every morning made us feel like royalty. And yes, that is a sand volleyball court down below!


Everyday we sat at the Cabana Beach club where we ordered Pina Coladas, Strawberry Daiquiris, and people watched.

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My favorite pool was the one above the Cabana Beach Club. I think that’s because it was a 21 and up only ;)

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One of my other favorite spots was the pool right by the sand volleyball area.

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As soon as I saw these hammocks I was like, yeah this place just gets me ;D haha



I got their cheesecake more than once while I was there. SO good.




One of my favorite parts was having this fruit plate sent up to us. We sat on our balcony eating fruit and drinking champagne while watching the sky change colors as the sun went down.


Seriously, how amazing is this sunset view?

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During my stay I paid a visit to their resort spa and WOW. It was absolutely tranquil and gorgeous. I got a hydrafacial which I highly recommend trying if you go! You also will get a chance to unwind in their relaxation suite.

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We were totally spoiled on our last day there as we got to experience a delicious lunch prepared special by their chef and kitchen staff. I don’t say this lightly–the food is GREAT.

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I miss this place already and can’t wait to visit them again soon! Miami itself is such an amazing and diverse city. Getting to experience it all over again at Eden Roc was the icing on the cake.


Traveling to Miami? Book your stay with Eden Roc.

Thank you to our friends Jomary Jimenez, Jessica Van Horn, and Giancarlo Avila for making our stay even better than imagined. 

Hot Cross Buns

The rain has finally let up here in Texas, thankfully! I ventured around Dallas with my new pal, Jeyson and we shot these in between rain storms. It was such a fun day where we walked around under a rainbow umbrella and sipped on coffee.

I wore this green dress from Stelly, an Australian based company. It’s great if you want to show off your curves for a rainy day around town or night out with friends.

SwDCSIulHV0fFkidAUTd0hoomqc8cTQujcv4mRmVKsg JrdxhJIltdNfX8LXhyfs7hy_rpQjExpXBT6H7O3wgUg wu_OcoJFm9Pv1yJWh11_N9oqS1dzvOwYfgjX6UEL8Jk GKRwQX4kWmkFLEp28uuwkJqR2pZK3h_VjCJtImvesz4 w_T6AR2flOvL-TlXBSvFGLrDxwSthaYhQe5fQdCkCnE


Get this dress here!

Photos by Jeyson Paez

Pixie Girl

It’s been an interesting past few weeks here in DFW. We have had nonstop rain, thunderstorms, and flash floods. Though I love a good rainstorm I must say I am ready for some sunshine!

I played around in the studio recently channeling some retro vibes for some blog posts. I shot this amazing white lace dress from Pixie Market and also wore it to a Vogue celebration here in Dallas. It’s the perfect party ensemble and so unique. I am also obsessed with white this season so I couldn’t resist!

8 - IMG_9547 - Social

20 - IMG_9573 - Social

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Get this dress here!

Photos by Skyler Fike

Greens 101

Happy Memorial Day, readers! I want to address the importance of this day and those who sacrificed their lives to protect our nation. I hope you all take some time today to remember the significance of that.

I know a lot of you are cooking out today, having back yard BBQ’s, or enjoying a picnic in the park which is why I want to share with you all some fun little tips on how to add something healthy to your festivities of choosing. I came up with a few fun ways to easily add in some greens to your diet. Thanks to my friends at Evolution Fresh, they make it super fun and easy to incorporate a healthy lifestyle and a love for yummy greens!

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Recipe #1

I love a good salad, especially one that is colorful and flavorful!
Here is a simple way to make a delicious salad

Optional- to keep it clean avoid adding any dressing. Instead, squeeze some lemon onto your salad and sprinkle on some pepper for added flavor

For a drink try any cold pressed Evolution Fresh juice and add a cucumber for a garnish

1 - IMG_0214 - Social

1 - IMG_0218 - Social

1 - IMG_0215 - Social


Recipe #2

This one is my favorite! Cucumber Strawberry Orange Spritzer. Are your taste buds watering yet?
I began by pouring my Evolution Fresh Orange juice into a cup about half way and then filling the other half with sparkling water. Cut up strawberries and cucumber to give it an even more refreshing taste. Cucumbers are great to add to any drink like water, lemonade, or a spritzer.

1 - IMG_0221 - Social

1 - IMG_0226 - Social


Recipe #3

This one was fun and so easy and perfect for kids too! Who doesn’t love a delicious icy pop? If you struggle with fitting greens into your diet this one is for you. Simply pour any green juice into a pop sickle mold and voila! You have a great summer time treat. The Essential Greens and Sweet Greens juices are perfect for this one :)1 - IMG_0229 - Social


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I hope you all enjoyed getting some fun new ideas on how to add greens to your meals! Visit our friends at Evolution Fresh and learn more about the benefits of cold pressed juices.


photos by Skyler Fike

From the Mountains to the Sea: Big Sur

Mountain air mixed with a thick salty breeze? Yes, please. In Big Sur, the mountains meet the beaches, and they’re nothing like what we have here in SoCal. To get to the best ones, you have to commit to a bit of a hike (the one we did was super easy… and through a field of wildflowers!), so packing light and dressing right is key. I spent most of the weekend wearing my super sporty Hurley gear: hoodies, loose tanks, adorable sports bras, beach rider shorts and compression leggings. It was perfect for all my mountain-to-sea journeys.







Thanks to Bridget & Em for your photography skills ;)

If you’re heading out for a summer adventure weekend of camping, beaching, hiking, or anything active, check out Hurley’s Beach Active line! I’m obsessed with it, especially because of the cute prints and colors.

Build your own Beach Active look:

Hoodie: Hurley Slim Zip (available in other color combos)

Shorts: Hurley Beachrider Runner (it comes in a lot of colors/prints!)

Sports Bra (not pictured): Hurley Dri-Fit Sports Bra (again, lots of colors/prints!)

White and turquoise sandals: Hurley’s Phantom Free (so comfortable)

Loose magenta tank: Hurley’s Solid Riot (a must-have basic!)

xxo, Cassandra

Make Me Chic

I am writing to you from the very dreary land of Fort Worth, TX. I only say that because for the past week the weather has been nothing but grey skies, wind, and rain. The upside…the lakes are getting filled up! Though I still pine for the sunshine and much warmer days, I guess one must be patient :P

I got this adorable new romper from Make Me Chic that is perfect for a sunny summer day. The pattern is so cute and unique and will definitely keep you cool. I paired it with a sun hat because I am pretty obsessed with them and some neutral colored wedges. Seriously, rock this outfit to an outdoor concert, by the pool, or out to lunch with your friends.

1-IMG_6721-Edit - Edit 1-IMG_6725-Edit - Edit FullSizeRender 1-IMG_6723-Edit - Edit


Get my Romper here.

My hat is from BCBG, check out more of their hats here.

photos by Skyler Fike

Getting Back to My Roots…

Last weekend a bunch of my friends from college decided to meet up in Big Sur to celebrate a birthday. Two of us drove up from L.A. and two others drove down from San Francisco (along with some new faces that became instant friends) for a weekend of camping, barbecuing and beach picnicking. I wish we could’ve stayed for a whole week! The mountain air, the miles of forest and the jaw-dropping, heart-stopping cliff drops were so good for my soul. So was the company of old friends. I know this is so cliche, but: even though we’ve all moved on from our wild New York days and are no longer just a dorm-floor away, it was like we hadn’t been apart at all. It’s so comforting to know that friendship bonds formed years ago can withstand time and distance. After so much time apart, you can still just click with someone.

The first night of my trip, I stayed at the Big Sur River Inn. I woke up super early (as usual), and decided to explore the river behind the Inn’s restaurant. It’s super quiet and peaceful, but the best thing of all: the Adirondack chairs that are in (literally in!) the river. You can sit in them, dip your feet in the water, and basque in the spots of sun that peek through the trees. I’ve never seen anything so peaceful! Or picturesque. So naturally, I dragged my roommate-for-the-weekend Emily there after she woke up for a quick photoshoot. Thanks, Em!





Mohawk “Sunset Trail Riot Biker” Tank: courtesy of Hurley.

Flower Crown: Handmade by me, thanks to this book.

Jewelry: Forever 21

Flowered Boots: Dr. Marten.

xxo, Cassandra

Stripes of a Tiger

Hello, lovely readers and Happy Cinco De Mayo ;P I am so happy that May is upon us and that summer is finally peeking her head around the corner…Spring/Summer season wardrobes are my absolute favorite when it comes to wearing things in my closet, and one of my top favorites is wearing two piece dresses. Perfect for a day out shopping and then to go grab a sweet tea with your friends. One of my favorite online stores with lots of two piece combos is LuLu’s, they seriously have pages of cute clothes that help my embrace the June bug that I am.







Get the stripes two piece set here.

Get my skirt here.

Shoes: White House Black Market. ON SALE!

Purse: GUESS. Buy Similar.

Photos by Skyler Fike